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“Snapshots: In Memory of Ben” will bring tears to your eyes.  Do buy this book.  Read it when you are ready to become engaged in your own processes – ranging from grief/sorrow/loss to healing.  It may take you a while to get through it; and you will most probably read individual passages over, again and again.  This is a book many of us have been waiting to write ourselves.  Alan has done it for us.

Adam Donaldson Powell


This is the heart-wrenching, intimate story of love and strength of one divorced Jewish family where the bechor, the older son, has suddenly died. His parents, and two remaining siblings, must recover from the tragedy of their family’s unexpected loss.  “During the publication of this book, I took a small step into the world of life and loss of the Busch family.  This is a devoted father’s memoir, who although stricken with unimaginable grief, has written in the spirit of celebration of the life of his beautiful son, Benjamin. The author’s words are honest and candid, as he shares family history and relays with impact, the untimely death of his beloved son. A ‘straightforward—deep-from-the-heart-and-soul read.’ For anyone who has or is going through the loss of a loved one, you must read this book.” 

Victoria Valentine, Water Forest Press Publisher


A Powerful Book...Orania Hamilton, Author of Cries Of The Soul



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