Water Forest Press Poetry Collection Lotto

Postponed!  Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Water Forest Press in conjunction with Skyline Publications announces


Simple Rules:

  • Submit BY MAIL, 3 of your BEST POEMS or PROSE -- keep your lines short enough to fit onto a 5 inch wide page for best formatting  of a 5 x 8 perfect bound poetry book of 100 pages in creme or white paper - your choice of color cover art.  In other words - no lines longer than in this sample below -  Poetry by Orania Hamilton (I published her poetry collection - see our covers on Book link.)  I will create for the winner a fabulous book - list it on Skyline, Water Forest AND online bookstores.   You will receive a professionally written press release and book review and whatever promotion I can give you!  All FREE to one talented winner.  For a small entry fee of only $10.00 - YOU could be that winner, and be holding a wonderful book in your hands by next spring.

OPTIMUM FORMAT:  (give or take a FEW words) Width is limited.  Length does not matter as we can do a 2 page spread for long poems.

Itís the wine that sweetens the lips.
Intoxicates the veins that warms
the soul from the vintage of its grapes
with joy shared by the love we give.

When touched by its magnificence,
one must always remember
that love is a passion,
imbued with majestic emotion.

Neath a velvet sky with shadows,
lonely nights and empty dawns,
angelic , moves like the moon.

Drifts softly like a gentle wind,
to encircle itself with our dreams,
so as to wipe away our tears.

Love is an enchanting madness
till all its music has been sung
and its notes chant on mountain tops
that fulfill eternal promise.

  • Poets must remain anonymous - even to me!  I will be the one reading the poetry - and I want to remain absolutely, completely impartial. Submit using a PEN NAME that you have never before used for any of Skyline Publications - a name known only to you.  (READ ALL SUBMISSION INFORMATION BELOW)

  • Type your THREE poems on one or more pages and include your pen name on each page and on all correspondence.

  • Contest entry fee is $10.00 by money order, payable upon submission to Skyline Publications.  Remember, I cannot know who you are.  I won't even open your mail.  A third party will be our trustee, so I will not see envelope return address or signature on money order.  About Money Orders.  ** Paypal credit card services - see information at the bottom of this page.

  • The funds collected will help pay for production cost.  My work is my contribution to the contest.  Those who know me, know that I run a contest every year that pays large cash prizes, and I never charge entry fees.  However, due to the high cost of print, I must ask for an entry fee for this Book Contest.

  • If we do not have enough entries by January or February, to pay the bulk of book production, the contest will be cancelled and everyone's original entry fee will be refunded to the name and address they provided. 

  • As with all of our contests, poetry that is not selected for the contest, will be considered for publication in one of our quarterly print publications. 

  • All poetry must be ORIGINAL.  It may be previously published elsewhere, as it's YOUR book! The winner will sign a publishing contract, attesting to rights of ownership. 

  • Please read our disclaimer before you submit.

  • By submitting to Water Forest Press Poetry Collection Book Contest you attest that you are over 18 years of age, own all rights to the material you submit and that all material is your own original work.

  • That's it!  Winner receives 6 free poetry books. 


  • Mail 3 poems with your pen name on each page, along with a money order for $10.00, payable to Skyline Publications, PO Box 295, Stormville, NY  12582.  Attn:  CONTEST on the bottom of your envelope.  Include your real name and contact address separately inside envelope for our trustee to hold. **Include your PEN NAME on your contact information also, so we know which poems are yours and know who to contact!

  • After judging, the winner will be contacted by mail, using the name and the return address provided.  Email me with any questions - but remember - you must remain anonymous.

  • Winner will be notified by mail, announced online and in Skyline Newsletter. Sign up for Newsletter to read results.

  • Contest will end in January or February 2008.  Good Luck to all who enter !

  • References: 

  • Previous poetry contest winners of cash prizes.  We also had a short story contest in 2004.




**If you would prefer to use paypal credit card services for the $10.00 entry fee, you may use this link and email your poetry in confidence to our editor:



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