An Enchanting Book of Poetry

by David Andres



A Collection Of Poetry From The Heart

184 pages (75 poems) perfect bound

ISBN 10: 0-9815846-8-3

ISBN 13: 978-0-9815846-8-3

Library of Congress Control Number: 2008939697

$15.00 shipped. Contact the author, David Andres, to purchase. 


Review by Holly Bianchi

David Andres is a host and participant of the poetry chatroom Platinum Poetry., with poems published on the Net and in print Skyline Review and Tonight, An Anthology of World Poetry published in South Africa. Dave is a member of the Washington Poets Association.


Reader Comments:

David Andres is a poet of distinction. He is versatile and can express himself from free verse to rhyme. His poetry is deep-felt and will touch you with every stroke of his pen. He writes about his dreams and of those that have given him his memories. He has the heart of a true poet.

― Orania Hamilton

In the footsteps of the finest of Shakespearian writers, the literary visions of David Andres fashion a classic journey for the romantic soul. Presenting more than poetry, many of these pieces are entertaining stories that tiptoe to the brink of folklore; adventures created deep within Dave’s vivid imagination. The Blue Collar Cobbler collection contains a fascinating array of brilliance and variety for the true poetry lover.

― Phaedra Valentine


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